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Posted by Joseph Kocharian

We took to the beaches of Greece last month for our swimwear special where we tried out a pair of UNDERED apparel on our model Kris.

UNDERED create superior quality clothing, including swimwear, underwear, tanks and accessories  with a conscientious approach to design. Opting for a classic approach to style and superior quality craftsmanship, they want you to be able to get garments that last, which in an age of throwaway fashion, is a welcome breath of fresh air.

UNDERED apparel are all about versatility, opting for  designs that can take you from the beach to the gym, or possibly even the club.  They’re also passionate about self-empowerment in individuals, saying they ‘stand with other gay men in the LGBT+ community’ and that  ‘As a whole, the LGBT+ community demonstrates a unique strength and persistence in spite of opposition’.


Take a look online at underedusa.com as well as these lovely men below to give you a bit of motivation or check out their instagram page @underedapparel

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It’s not long until the small premiere of the new Star Trek TV series Star Trek: Discovery, and more details about the show’s characters are beginning to emerge.

Last year, we told you that Rent actor Anthony Rapp had been cast as a gay character in the show. Anthony, who played Mark in Broadway show Rent, before reprising his role in the film adaptation, will play Lieutenant Stamets, a scientist who is being billed as a central character in the sci-fi series.

During a Comic-Con panel at the weekend, it was announced that Wilson Cruz, who has appeared in numerous TV shows and, like Anthony, starred in the stage version of Rent, has been cast in the show as gay medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber.

The characters played by Rapp and Cruz will be a couple on the series, it was confirmed.

“Wilson Cruz will be playing my love interest, my partner,” Rapp revealed at the convention. “My man love―and we’re both officers on the ship.”

Sulu, the character played by George Takei in the original series, was revealed to be gay in the latest big screen adaptation, Star Trek Beyond. However, Discovery’s characters will be the first gay couple to be featured on Star Trek, as well as the first to be portrayed by openly gay actors. The show will also feature the first female lead since Voyager.

Discovery will be set in the Star Trek universe, a decade before the original 1960s series, which starred George Takei and Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek: Discovery‘s creator, Bryan Fuller is also gay. Fuller has developed acclaimed TV shows like Hannibal and American Gods. 

Star Trek: Discovery comes to Netflix UK from September 25.

Watch the trailer below:

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Posted by Will Stroude

It’s not everyday a clean-cut former Disney star takes on the role of one of the world’s most notorious serial killers, but that’s exactly what eerie new drama My Friend Dahmer has in store for cinema-goers this autumn.

21-year-old Ross Lynch – until now best known for wholesome turns in the likes of Teen Beach Movie – will play ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ Jeffrey Dahmer in the upcoming physiological thriller from Marc Meyers, and we’ve now got our first proper look at the film in the form of an appropriately eerie trailer.

Based on Derf Backderf’s non-fiction graphic novel of the same name, My Friend Dahmer charts the troubled teenage years of a man who would go on to kill and dismember at least 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

The film caused quite the buzz when it premiered at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival back in April, and Ross’s intense, unsettling appearances in the trailer alone are enough cause a lasting impression.

Born in Wisconsin in 1960, Jeffrey Dahmer committed his first murder at the age of 18 before going on to become one of the world’s most prolific serial killers and sex offenders.

The former US army medic often performed acts of both cannibalism and necrophilia after killing his victims; many of whom he picked up in or around gay bars.

He was arrested in 1991 after a man he had invited back to his apartment and handcuffed escaped and alerted police.

Despite being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder following his arrest, Dahmer was found to be legally sane at his trial and was handed 15 life sentences in 1992. He was killed in prison by a fellow inmate less than three years later, aged 34.

My Friend Dahmer hits US cinemas this autumn. Check out the first trailer below:

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Vince Cable, the next PM?

25 Jul 2017 09:15
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Posted by Bill Fowler


As a fan of Mrs Thatcher it might seem odd that I have just joined the Liberal Democrats. However times change, hard right policies are more likely to drive the large number of people depending on in-work benefits or working in the government into the hands of Mr Corbyn.  Labour, who shout loudly about democratic mandates, are likely to have another go at bankrupting the country as well as bring democracy into disrepute by promising endless giveaways.

The worst possible case for the UK is to have a Labour government and be outside the EU. Labour want out of EU because they can then rape and pillage the slightly rich – anyone who cannot bite back. Given the pasting that the EU gets from our press it is actually surprising that, as far as citizens’ rights go, it actually does work – and seems to be improving in many areas. It would be ironical if Brexit forces them to reform further in the interests of its citizens rather than its bureaucrats.

I would probably have not joined up had not Vince Cable become leader; he at least talks some reasonable sense – most of the time. Now he has the amusing task of saving the country from itself. The current fickleness of the British voting public means just about anything is possible but it will mean swallowing some liberal pride to get there. Looking from the outside, there is one little trick that might placate half the Brexiteers and that is a very strict residence test before there is any access to benefits, social housing, in-work benefits and possibly the personal tax allowance. By strict I mean at least five years…

This can be done without EU permission as long as it is applied equally to British citizens and can be a culmulative rather than continous period, affecting then only a trivial number of Brits. This goes against many liberal doctrines but swallowing them should be quite easy if it means staying in the EU. It also saves huge sums of money, up to ten billion depending on how it is played out… and, yes, it will be harder to get foreign nurses, and the like, but nothing to stop the government compensating them with a housing allowance from some of the money saved.

Whilst doing it without EU permission has its attractions, it would be much better to send Sir Vince off to Mrs Merkel, get her public blessing and then claim that the game has changed, and a second referendum needed. If the British people can see that foreigners in low paid jobs will be somewhat worse off than themselves, rather than taking their social housing etc, I think it would be enough of a game-changer to take the heat out of Brexit, the trend already running against it.

If it worked, Corbyn would be wrong-footed and Mrs May’s political ethos appear quite pointless. The press would go berserk for a little while but the pervasive view would be the country had just refound its good sense… and given that fickle voting who knows what the next election might bring the only party on the right side of things.

* Bill Fowler is an ex-Conservative supporter, exasperated by their combination of arrogance and stupidity

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Posted by Attitude Magazine

Many will be aware of Tom of Finland’s iconic gay erotica, but with the release of a new film the art is set to reach a whole new audience.

The emotional biographical film, directed by Dome Karukoski  stars Pekka Strang as Touko Laaksonen, a Finnish World War II veteran, whose experiences as a queer man in post-war Europe influenced what would becoming some of the most easily recognisable queer art in the world.

In an exclusive interview with Attitude, Karukosku said that when he began making the film in 2011, he had no idea how important it would become by the time of its release six years later.

Shortly after work began on the project, the treatment of the LGBT+ community in neighbouring Russia became highly publicised, and it remains an incredibly volatile issue today.

Actor Pekka Strang is playing the erotic artist in the 2017 film

“It’s a tragedy that when we started making this film we didn’t have to tell a political story. In 2011 we were just telling a story about Tom of Finland, but in 2017 it is a political film, explained Karukoski.

“It’s important it’s shown as widely as possible and if we need to distribute a pirate version in Russia, we will,” he added defiantly.

Tom of Finland is released in the UK on August 11.

You can read the rest of Karukoski’s interview, as well as chats with Sasha Velour, our 2017 Pride Award Winners and cover star Gavin Hennigan, in August’s issue of Attitude – out now. Buy in printsubscribe or download.

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I've just lost almost all respect for Fanlore and the WayBackMachine.  Especially Fanlore- they at least should have the common sense to know that fen who work with certain subjects or live in certain countries, have personal safety issues that should come before a 'must archive everything just in case link rot, so we can grow our website, is the most important thing before the safety/wishes/rights of the people our site is about'  Talk about being exploitive!

And other so-called archival sites that consider themselves not just above robots.txt, but ignore copyright law and TakeDown notices- words cannot express what I wish upon their creators, and the people that use them to violate the wishes and legal rights of other people.

I am absolutely exhausted at the moment because the fucking 'war on drugs' caused our dr to have to, understandably, to not loose their license, have a 3 day wait period between when we are are used to picking up our fentynal, and when we actually COULD pick it up this time.  So we spent 3 agonising days in cold turkey withdrawal from 100mcg/48hr.  I got clonidine to help with the worst of it, but it made it so I couldn't even stand up without passing out so I had to crawl everywhere.   When we finally got our meds, I ended up in withdrawal from the clonodine- which basically meant that I couldn't fucking sleep for almost a whole week straight.  

So you want to know more about my hate for Fanlore and Archive.Org, you can read the genesis of my thoughts here:


Link direct to my reply.  Yes I also am concerned about 'link rot'.  On sites where link rot is an actual issue (eg due to the LJ migrations with all the meta over thre) but FFS, link rot doesn't take precedent over that of the safety/prefrences of the fen.  Maybe some of them would even have locked those pages but lost access to the accounts, or left fandom and have no clue what they thought would stay on LJ is suddenly getting archived to a dozen different places that they would not want.  I outline one possible solution to respect fen identitiy while preserving pages.  

(my comment about 4 or 5 down) Disgust with Archive.Org (wayback machine) to after all these years, just BAM stop respecting robots.txt and make tons of stuff public.    I just had to send them Take Down Notices forTENS OF THOUSANDS of pages/images (mostly personal, hobby and business sites; only intertexius is fannish)

Ending finally with this:


(I removed only the archived links for Intertexius , no others, as its up to LJ etc if they will permit archival of public pages.   But it does make me think I'll be using the 'lock' feature a lot more in the future.  Might have some great discussions, and historically I've been of the mind that I welcomed public reading, but I do NOT welcome public copying to where-ever without my knowledge/permission.

Insted of recognising that OOOPS, shouldn't have linked to a page that has a DO NOT ARCHIVE TOS in bold letters at the top of the page and the splash page, the person locks it, and dumps the burden on me to go resolve the issue with fanlore staff.   Uhm, NO.   What if I was in a country where the law just changed to include chan fic as child porn and I had to rush to track down everyplace that might have something archived that associated my name with chan because I don't want an ex-spouse to find it and use it to get the gov't to take my kids away?   Fanlore is supposed to be AWARE of the unique issues fen deal with (Duh: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Fanlore:Identity_Protection ).  You don't dump that on the fen because 'oh no, what about link rot' (and we're not talking about LJ type migration issues here, but a site that's been around forever and the owners are easily contactable to find out their wishes, or ask if they can hold onto an archive in case we died without a will for the site or something).  Sorry, Fanlore FAILS. 

Why is it so difficult....? Just don't use links to Archives that break site TOS, break the law, etc and then:

1. you won't be supporting unethical archives and

2. Fen won't have to scramble with Fanlore on top of everthing else to figure out where they are exposed and how to hide it! 

Do what is RIGHT not EASY.  Yeash.  Good intentions, even worse execution that WayBackMachine because they can't claim ignorance about how such actions, that can connect people's identities with work that the general public may find "questionable", FUCKING ENDANGERS PEOPLE!

I find it DISGUSTING that Fanlore allows linking to archives that have copied Telanu's Tea Series after she removed it from the snarry archive for whatever her personal reasons were- is her safety at stake?  Her pride?  Was she planning to file off the serial numbers to write pro-fic, and now thanks to some fucking SELFISH arses who think they have more right to her work than she who created it, she can't do that, because its easy for a publisher to see/find the connection and reject the work for fear of legal issues? 

OOOPs I guess I needed to rant a bit more anyway but now I have to get back to more fucking Take Down notices for yet other archive sites that, like Archive.is, think they not only can ignore Robots.txt, but they can ignore copyright, ignore TOS, claim they "cannot" "take down" pages because they are somehow "above" international copyright laws.... have to deal with 2 dozen other medical issues I don't even want to discuss here, injured service dog, and never mind whatelse right now....

I can't tell anyone what to do of course, but I highly suggest/hope that if you use Fanlore, donate to them, whatever, please stop, and tell them you won't resume until they stop putting "archival" and the growth of their website, before the safety, wishes and legal rights of fen, and stop putting the burden of asking them to respect us on us, instead of respecting the people their site is supposed to be about from the start.

"You get nothing!"

25 Jul 2017 02:26
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I'm having one of those "parenting is so hard, when does it stop being hard, oh right, never" days.

I was watching Kit play on their own and glumly thinking that happy Kit is independent and only wants parents when they're sad. Then they toddled over and handed me a stuffed fox, just because. So I know that what I'm feeling is just a feeling and has very little to do with reality. But it's still a big feeling.

Relatedly, having a tantruming toddler scream directly into your ear for several minutes is really quite challenging.

"Kit is so chill," I thought, once upon a time. "Maybe they won't really get toddler tantrums." I was so wrong. Soooo wrong. Tantrums aren't about personality. They're about cognitive and emotional overload. A scream into the void.

(My right ear is the void, apparently.)

(But was I going to stop cuddling my screaming child? Of course not. My ear can cope.)

And now I feel like the worst parent in the world because I couldn't really help my kid, even when they were bottomlessly miserable. There is no cure for the tantrum because it's an existential crisis. You just hold on and say "I'm here" like it means anything. And eventually they stop crying long enough for you to get some calories into them, which almost always helps. It turns out that kids are always basically one minute away from a massive hunger crash, and that rather exacerbates the existential angst.

You could not pay me enough to be a child again. No way. It's genuinely a wonder that kids are ever happy at all. Their bodies do weird things, the world is baffling, everything is too big, they have no control, safety is elusive and fleeting. It's like a fucking horror movie, 24/7. And yet my child comes over and smiles at me and puts their head on my knee for sheer love.

I guess maybe they wanted to say "I'm here" like it means anything.

I guess maybe it does.

today and tomorrow

24 Jul 2017 20:59
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Today I am grateful for:

- rereading the Toby Daye books

- lots of new nonfiction books

- coffee, meds, food I know is okay, sunlight, naps, all the things that help me feel functional

- shiny objects like metal washers that are just there waiting for someone to pick them up and polish them and make treasures

- a partner who loves me and pets me when I just want to lie there and be a flat cat

Slight case of brainweasels and fwump: Read more... )
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--My sleep has continued to be all over the place. Last night I managed to get to bed around 1 AM or so (IIRC) and didn't get up until 11:30 today; the night before, I was in bed by 1:15 so I could get up at a reasonable hour and [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose, [dreamwidth.org profile] ginny_t, Kas, and I could go raspberry picking, and I managed, at a generous estimate, two hours of sleep. FUN.

--I had these notions of finishing a fic for this round of [dreamwidth.org profile] smallfandomfest, but it wraps up at the end of this month, so...ha ha ha no. ^^; But hey, I got it started and made some actual progress during [dreamwidth.org profile] nanodownunder, and unfilled [dreamwidth.org profile] smallfandomfest prompts remain available for claiming past the round when they're prompted, so it's not like I won't have another chance. I just liked the idea of doing it now.

--I haven't taken pictures yet, but when we were out watering the garden a couple of days ago, there were the beginnings of blossoms on one of the two clematis plants!

--Amidst all the political awfulness, personal stuff, cute gifs, and book-blogger chat, my Twitter feed has been full of people being gleeful about "Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator"--enough so that I briefly pretended I don't have something like 100 unplayed games and can't remember the last time I played anything and went to check it out. I was saved by an impulse buy by the fact that the game's currently Windows- and Mac-only; I do still have a Windows partition for games, but realistically, I also can't remember the last time I booted into it for anything but StarCraft. (And that wasn't terribly recently. I did buy at least the first of the SCII Nova mission packs, but I don't remember how far I got.) (Separate parenthetical: I've preordered the remastered original StarCraft, so for that, booting into Windows will undoubtedly happen. Unless it magically runs under WINE.)

--I need to keep reminding myself that Rogue One is on Netflix until I finally watch it (having literally slept through most of it in the theatre, which was not the movie's fault!). I should also rewatch TFA sometime in the next few months.

--It turns out Black Sails is shorter than I'd been thinking in two ways: I'd somehow had the impression it's five seasons, not four, and I also hadn't realized the seasons are so short (eight to ten episodes each, I think?). All of a sudden bumping it up to basically the top of my to-watch list (which seems to be a good plan, judging from how many people I know are in love with the show) is a way less daunting prospect.

MARKED - 9.4

25 Jul 2017 03:44
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MARKED - 9.4

Nilien glared at her textbook. “This doesn’t make any sense,” she complained. She slammed the book shut and shoved it aside.

Ember, who had been perched on Nilien’s desk in the place the book now occupied, danced aside and settled a bit further away. It is not the book’s fault if you do not understand, the fox pointed out primly. It may simply be your fault.

“Thanks. You’re so much help.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.
The fox didn’t appear to notice. It is my pleasure and my duty to help you. What is the problem?

read on...

Art (Merlin)

24 Jul 2017 22:39
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Title: Excalibur
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Characters/Pairings: Arthur Pendragon (with Excalibur)
Content Notes: Pencil sketch created for the [community profile] drawesome Weekly Challenge #4: One Object, Two Perspectives.

My choice of object was inspired by this gif set on Tumblr. I had to make up certain parts of the sword for both perspective drawings, and found this YouTube vid really helpful as a starting point: How to draw a sword in perspective.


Click here for entire artwork )
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Posted by Andrew Hickey

After a couple of weeks of not being able to type much because of arthritis, here’s the final post in my look at Doctor Who season twenty-two, on Revelation of the Daleks. Patreon backers can also find an ebook of the whole series of posts (which I won’t be putting up for sale) here. I’ll be posting more stuff here this week now my hands are a little better.

What a trip!

24 Jul 2017 21:16
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Before I get into it, let me say that photobucket can go screw itself. Yes I know my LJ background is one big 'give us money' from them, ditto for my mood theme. I'll look into fixing it when I get home. I know [personal profile] rahirah had posted a bunch of photo hosting sites. I'll need to figure out how to actually make them image.

So I had to get up at 6 to get to the airport so I tried to get to sleep early. I failed. Then my plane was coming from O'Hare and was delayed because of weather. Sigh. But then it was even longer and longer (and my coffee was working it's way thru) because of 'maintenance' issues. We finally take off right when we SHOULD have been landing in Baltimore. (the maintenance issue was a bad fuel pump which they had to 'deactivate.' Um WTF? Don't we need that?)

I didn't opt to use my medical preboarding because Baltimore and Providence were smaller airports and I had nearly a 2 hour lay over in Balt.

Only I didn't. I shoved into a middle seat at the front of the plane so I could get off early. That worked. I made it to my connector (having to change freaking concourses) just in time to board (thank god I had packed crackers because they had to be lunch).

My bag was the first off (i.e. last one so yeah BARELY made it). I decided to rent a car like I said via expedia against my better judgment. I have NEVER seen a lay out like providence's airport. I had to go up three escalators to the skywalk which extended all the way out past the airport parking lot, across a four lane highway, across the block, across the two lane road and FINALLY you're there (by then I'm dead)

Only to find Expedia SAID it was in the airport but it's not it's down the road 'a quarter of a mile.' He said I could just change it to the airport but their fees are 120$/day. I'm paying 55$ so yeah. I ask him now what. Can you prove the expedia price and oh btw we don't have wifi here. Since I have a tracphone with no data plan I can't get on with the phone or the tablet OR the damn computer. He makes it sound like it's just down the block and tells me I can either walk or go ALL the way back to the airport and try to get on the wifi there or I can get a cab and go to the other Hertz rental.

I go outside. It's pouring. I can't see Post road and even if I could there is NO damn sidewalk. How does this idiot think I'm going to walk there?

I go back in, I go to the counter and tell him look I'm disabled any chance there's a transport back to airside? Yes there is (not advertised anywhere mind you). I go back over and can't connect to the Wifi. I can't call an Uber because I live in a place where they don't exist so I don't have the app and can't get it because again no wifi so I go get a yellow cab who bitches and moans SO much because he can't make much money on a fare so short and I have to argue to get him to take me (enjoy that 20 cent tip dickwad). I was feeling sorry about the ubers ruining the NYC cab business (and destablizing banks in the process) but holy shit 8 bucks to go less than half a mile???

FInally I get the car and they will take me back to the airport when I drop off (they can't pick up because of the laws and taxes) it's a Nissan Sentra, not what I was hoping for but it's okay. I pull out into the rain. I wish I could have taken a picture from the bridge because the stormy seas and the angry sky were great. Oh did I mention it's like 57 degrees out here? The newscaster said it was like a winter Nor'easter today.

The hotel is on a major highway that has no red light and is a left hand turn. Wee. I stopped first at the casino across the street and got a player's card because it doesn't have it's own hotel (though it looks like it does) and it got me 20% off my hotel here. Yay. I trundled down to the visitor center just to see where it is (the hotel is hard to get out of). Went back to the casino for a so so dinner then went to play a 20.

It's the first time I've ever seen a casino THIS empty. It was spooky. Found a new game, lost half my 20, moved to the Stargate game and hit the bonus on the first spin and that lead to me winning the progressive jackpot, only third tier but it was 60$ so I left before I could be tempted to make it more.

Had a weird experience at the hotel. I was talking to mom to tell her I made it here alive and someone knocked at the door and said 'Ms Evans?' By the time I got there the hall was empty. I called the front desk to ask why they sent some one up. They didn't. Okay then.

I can't figure out the shower. It doesn't turn. It doesn't pull. I called down there but no one picked up. Too tired to fight it. Washed off in the sink and put that on things to do tomorrow.

I have no idea what the guy in the room next to me is doing? Climbing the walls like monkey? randomly banging on shit? Might just be the furniture sliding as they have wood laminate instead of gross carpet.

I'm going to watch the premiere of Midnight, Texas. Honestly the books are okay but slow. I'm interested to see what they do with this.
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Fannish/Geeky Things

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] sgamadison, an update on Stargate Origins: be aware that the new digital episodes are only going to be ten minutes each.

"A Woman, Explaining Things". [Sarah Gailey on the casting of the thirteenth Doctor]

"Towards a Definition of “Fanfiction”: 3,564 people took our survey. Here’s what we learned". [Fansplaining]

"Does God exist in the Marvel Universe?" [Salon]

"Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish Manga Ends on August 25". [ANN]


"Radical Cartography" is...hard for me to describe. Very cool things with maps...and stuff...?

"All of my work on the “Irish slaves” meme (2015–’16)". In case you ever need to debunk the "but the Irish were slaves too!" crap that some flavors of racists like to whip out.

"Gratitude for Invisible Systems: One way to improve democracy is for more people to appreciate its complex technological underpinnings".

"My Father Spent 30 Years In Prison. Now He's Out". This is lovely and heartbreaking.

"Updated Syllabus for Journalism 101". [McSweeney's]

"This Is How Tough It Can Actually Be To Follow High School Prom Dress Codes". [Buzzfeed]

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] bell, "When Your Teacher Keeps Saying You Can’t Draw Cats, But Your Paintings Are Photorealistic".

"Make a Magical Carpet Cat Hammock With an Old Towel".

"This Guy Spent A Year Exploring The Subculture Of Competitive Punning".

"How to Fall Down". [Lifehacker]

"Sapphic Stories || Around the world". "Sapphic Stories – Around the world does not intend to be a rec list that is ultimate and finalized, but just the beginning of a search for more pluralized stories. There are many other stories out there that we need to look for. Still, I believe that this post could be a nice start so that people can recognize these stories set in the places they grew up in or to know more about what it means to be sapphic in other places. This list contains F/F fiction books, books that have at least one women who feel romantic/sexual attraction to women, short stories, anthologies, and nonfiction about how it is to be LGBT+ in some places of the world."

"tim walker photographs all black cast for alice in wonderland themed pirelli calendar".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] dine, "Superb Cut Paper Artworks by Pippa Dyrlaga".

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